Rose Oud is a unique and powerful fragrance with oriental woody notes.

The concise blend opens with an enchanting aroma of elegant roses intermingled with a hearty dose of exquisite oud wood and finally softens into a rich, vanilla-scented amber accord.

Top notes: Violet

Middle notes: Oudwood, Rose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber     

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Full list of fragrance ingredients
galaxolide, iso e super, alpha isomethyl ionone, ethyl linalool*, vanillin*, rose absolute pentanol, linalool*, citronellol*, ethyl maltol*, linalyl acetate*, phenethyl alcohol*, geraniol*, geranyl acetate*, sandalrome, sandalore, coumarin*, rose oxide*, redberry co2 extract*, siam benzoin*, labdanum resinoid*, nerol*, benzyl benzoate*, delta damascone*, bht, geranium oil*, cinnamyl alcohol*, citral*, limonene*, d-linalool*, l-linalool*, lilial, eugenol*, benzyl alcohol*, farnesol*
*Naturally found in flowers and spice plants