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Labeled With Your Name

We wrap each bottle with the name of wearer person.

This reminds the owner of the perfume that it is crafted for her.

Like in old times..

When the fine perfumery was all about personality and craftsmanship. 


Hand Made

We freshly hand blend your perfumes and hand pour your candles in small batches.

The LAB Fragrances crafts are always fresh at the purchase. No time wasted on shelves.   

The LAB Fragrances can dare to offer unique, uncommon scents without a burning concern to appeal to mainstream.


Focused On Ingredients & Transparent

We tell only one story, that of our highest quality ingredients.

All the ingredients that go in our perfumes and their sources are disclosed in full transparency.

At The LAB Fragrances, the ingredients are not hidden. At the contrary, they take the centre stage.

Whereas everything around is simplified and minimized.

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High Quality

Our objective is to offer fine fragrances of the finest quality.

We investigate widely to source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and very precisely select among them only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

This meticulous work made us one of the very rare fragrance houses complying with all three major global standards: ASEAN, EU and IFRA.