We Use Finest Ingredients


We use maximum amount of highest quality natural ingredients.

To balance and enhance naturals, we use top-notch aromachemicals from state-of-art companies like IFF and Givaudan.

All our ingredients come from Turkey.

Orange Blossom 100ml_1.jpg

We Personalize Your Bottles With Your Name

At online purchases and in some of our shops; we print the labels with your names, or your loved ones’ names, in case you want to make a gift.

We Try To Make You Pay Only For Fragrance When You Buy Fragrance

We use minimalist packaging. We don’t do expensive advertising. We don’t employ overly spacious store areas.

We Last Long!

We offer very high percentage of fragrance oil, between 15% - 18% in our Eau de Parfums.

For those who can’t get enough, we offer a super intense Extrait de Parfum of 30% concentration!

We Don’t Forget Alcohol Avoiders

The LAB Fragrances’ full range of creations is also available in alcohol free oil form.

And We Care About You!


Besides complying with mandatory regional (ASEAN) regulations in prohibited ingredients, we are one of the rare perfume makers who go further:

We comply both with IFRA and EU’s strictest regulations* to truly and radically minimize skin reactions and other issues.

(*For Eau De Parfum concentration and below)